Frettie Has a New Home with Songwriting Pro

Frettie acquired by Songwriting Pro

Today I received the following email from Frettie Co-Founders, Dennis & Julie Field. It appears that Frettie, their online songwriting community, has been acquired by Nashville-based hit songwriter, Brent Baxter, from Songwriting Pro.

“Today we have some really exciting news to share with you all! Frettie has been acquired by Brent Baxter of Songwriting Pro!

Almost four years ago Julie and I set out to create a songwriting platform where songwriters from across the world could get together, post their music, get feedback on it and connect with one another through their music to open up organic opportunities. Frettie was created for those (like myself) who didn’t or don’t live in a music hub where access to this kind of feedback and network is available to them.

Since then, we’ve grown (with the help of you all) and have attracted hundreds of songwriters from across the world. Hobbiest to industry professionals like Brent have all joined Frettie to unite around the music and community while striving to reach their songwriting goals. It’s been an amazing ride for us and we are extremely grateful for each and every one of our members and partners who helped get us to this point.

Brent and Songwriting Pro has a great track record of helping songwriters reach their goals through his various products and services. He also shares the same mission and embodies the same characteristics that we feel our community has been built on from day 1. So as Julie and I embark on new adventures, it was the next logical step to leave this wonderful community and platform in the hands of a great guy like Brent who can help not only Frettie, but more importantly its members (you) reach it’s fullest potential.

What does this mean for you? In the short-term, not a whole lot. In fact, we’ve already begun the transition with Brent and it’s likely you’ve seen more of him around. Julie and I are also still around and will be for awhile as we fully transition Frettie over to Brent.

Long-term, I’m confident Brent will do what’s best for Frettie as it continues to grow. I know that he has some amazing ideas to help take Frettie to the next level in regards to education, partnerships and more! The bonus is that Julie and I can sit back and enjoy Frettie’s new home with each of you as members, not creators so you may even see more songs from me!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or reply to this email. I’d love to hear from you! Also, please stay tuned over the coming months for further updates etc. around Frettie and this transition!

Thank you,

Dennis & Julie Field

Co-Founders of Frettie”

Now I don’t know what Brent’s plans are for Frettie or if he will continue hosting the songwriting community at or moving it to his site at

Either way, it looks like SongTown, might have some new, “invigorated” competition in the online songwriting community space. Perhaps we’ll be able to secure an interview with Brent in one of the first podcast episodes of The Songwriter Show???

As a Frettie member myself, I’ve always thought that the site had some innovative features for encouraging networking and getting song feedback from members. I hope Brent builds on that strong foundation and helps Frettie grow from the “hundreds” of existing paying members it has now to potentially “thousands”. Best of luck to Brent and thank you to Dennis & Julie Field for starting Frettie in the first place and for growing the site to what it is today.

More information to follow…

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