URGENT NOTICE: Department Of Justice Deals Devastating Blow To America’s Songwriters

U.S. Department of Justice

A disturbing decision has been made by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that gives songwriters even fewer rights and less control over how their intellectual property will be treated. Following is an excerpt from an article that appeared on MusicThinkTank. I recommend that you read the article in its entirety.

The NMPA and other songwriter and music publisher organizations have come out strongly against the recent decision by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) which dealt a massive blow to America’s songwriters. After a two year review of the consent decrees that govern ASCAP and BMI, career lawyers who were never elected nor confirmed to their positions, led by a lawyer who previously worked with Google, determined that songwriters should have even fewer rights, less control over their intellectual property and be treated more unfairly than they already are being treated. The DOJ ignored the voices of copyright experts, members of Congress and thousands of songwriters and delivered a huge gift to tech companies who already benefit from egregiously low rates.When the DOJ began its review of the consent decrees, songwriters and publishers hoped for updated modifications and relief in the face of dramatic market changes to performance rights licensing which made it clear that fair royalty rates were not being paid. URGENT NOTICE: Department Of Justice Deals Devastating Blow To America’s Songwriters

A more detailed article on the subject can be viewed on Forbes.com.

We must all be vigilant in expressing our dissatisfaction with this decision to the Department of Justice and our local Congressmen and women.

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